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It Came and Went So Fast!

I metioned a few days ago that I was very close to the 200 sales mark. Well, yesterday I did it! And then surpassed it so quickly I hardly even had time to celebrate!

I have to tell you, I’m super excited about the successful month I had on Etsy in June. Not only did I far surpass my sales goal, I also had a whopping 46 sales! Woo hoo me!

I am so thankful that I have been as blessed as I have been with this shop. I’m continually amazed at the sales I have had. I’m truly humbled that so many people trust me as they do with their shop identity.

So, a huge “Thank You!!!” to all my customers. You have made my Etsy experience more than I could ever hope for!



July 1, 2008 at 7:13 am 3 comments

So Close and Yet So Far!

I am $4 away from reaching my sales “goal” for June. Yup, $4.

I’m so close I can taste it! But I can’t seem to reach it. It’s like it’s dangling just out of my reach, teasing me.

Not only that, I’m only 6 sales away from a 200th sale celebration.

My hope is to reach both of these by the end of the month. That would be stupendous!

Will I make them? I have no clue. I have no control over my sales. All I can do is promote my shop and hope that people will come by and purchase. I can’t force anyone to buy (although that would be nice too, wouldn’t it? LOL!)

So, here I sit, compulsively checking my sales, hoping and wishing for that number of sales to change….

June 28, 2008 at 7:49 am 3 comments

What Will I Write About Today?

I’ve been thinking about that all day. I just can’t seem to come up with something. So, I’m going to start typing until something comes out of it.

Today was the first day of summer holidays. What in the world am I going to do with these kids for the next two months!

I’m going to have to come up with some sort of a schedule to go by. I can’t spend 8-10 hours a day working now that they are home. But at the same time, I have to complete my orders. So, what I have to do is find balance.

It was a good day, though. We went clothes shopping this morning which was fun. Then they played in the pool all afternoon while I worked. It worked out really well, actually. I was able to have a solid 2 hours of non inturrupted work. I’m actually almost caught up!

Well, I don’t think that was very interesting reading, but that’s all I’ve got for now. Soon, I’ll be able to have  a 200 sales celebration. That will be fun!



June 27, 2008 at 5:16 pm 1 comment

Well, It’s Official

I now only have one child in public school.

Seriously, when did this happen? When did my little baby girl grow up and become such a lovely young lady?

Last night was her Grade 8 graduation ceremony. I have pics, but they’re not downloaded yet. I’ll share later.

It was a really nice ceremony. And she brought home 4 awards!

The Grade 8 Pentecostal Achievement Award (which came with a $100 cheque too!)

The Grade 8 Language Arts award

The Grade 8 Female Athelete of the Year

And she recieved an award for graduating with honours.

I’m so proud of her!

Like I said earlier, I’ll be back later with pics to share. And a video. They made a very lovely slideshow of the graduates, before and after pics. I cried. A lot! LOL!

June 26, 2008 at 7:13 am 5 comments

A Surprise

I am a regular visitor to LOL Cats. It’s a fantastic way to start my day. I get a little giggle (or sometimes an outright laugh!) and it gets my day off to a happy start.

As usual, I clicked on the link in my bookmarks and went, expecting to see the normal cuteness and hard to read captions that I have come to love.

Instead I found this:


and I almost cried.

I know it’s supposed to be funny, but that is one of the most touching pictures I’ve seen in so long.

Any kind of natural disaster is awful. Beyond horrific. The human toll is amazingly high. We lose lives, property, possessions. The cost is more than we can count sometimes.

Not often do we think about the effects on the pets that trapped in these areas as well.

Kudo’s to this man and all those like him who rescue not only the people who are affected, but the beloved pets as well.

June 25, 2008 at 7:41 am 7 comments

Early Morning Musings

For the past two years or so, I’ve made a habit of setting my alarm to get up before the rest of the family. That way I can have my coffee, a bit of computer time and focus myself before the chaos starts.

I’m sitting here at my kitchen table, the only sound is the clicking of the keyboard as I type this, and one bird singing his little heart out in my back yard.  The sun is streaming through my kitchen window, the flowers on my back deck are bursting with life and colour.

I don’t often take the time to actually enjoy this part of the morning. I’m generally too busy with my Etsy shops, getting everything organized, making my plans and getting my day off on the right foot. All of this goes unnoticed and unappreciated.

We need to take the time, every day to actually look around us and see the wonders of our world. Whether you live in the city, the country, a small town, by the ocean, under the mountains, in the plains, wherever, it doesn’t matter. Take some time today, really look around and thank God that He has given us such a beautiful place to live. And remember how truly blessed you really are.


June 25, 2008 at 6:38 am 5 comments

Kudo’s to Coaches

I just came back from my daughters baseball practice, and I have to tell you, those coaches are better men than I am. Yes, I know, I’m a woman, but still.

Sunday’s game was an absolute bust. I mean it was bad. The umpire made some bad calls (well, a lot of bad calls, to be honest) but the kids played badly. They were missing throws, throwing badly, not hitting, and just plain bad.

So, knowing how bad things were on Sunday, our daughter was a bit nervous about practice tonight. Understandably so, their coach is tough. We told her, whatever you do, keep your mouth shut. The ones who get mouthy are the ones he’s going to work harder than the rest. Do what he tells you and and don’t say a word. Not that she’s mouthy anyway, but you just never know, right?

Obviously some of the boys on the team either didn’t get the same speech, or they didn’t listen. I’ve never seen such disrespect or an adult than I did tonight. It was horrid! The head coach couldn’t be there tonight, but the two assistant coaches were. I know that if the head coach had been there, things would not have been as bad as they were. Honestly, it was awful. They were talking back, cursing, outright refusing to do what they were told.

I don’t understand it. I was taught and my kids are taught to respect those who are in charge. You don’t have to agree with them, you can question things you don’t necessarily understand or agree with, however you treat them with respect. There is no excuse for rudeness.

The coaches kept their cool. They did have to kick two boys out of the practice for dropping the F-bomb too many times and not even trying to follow instructions.

I swear those two men deserve an award for tonight. Or a beer.


June 24, 2008 at 8:33 pm 1 comment

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